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double tripod kitchen/dining table #0048


series number - 0048
dimensions- 51" l x 25"w x 29.5"h
materials- acrylic plate, mild steel, white oak

The tripod base tables are a series of pieces made in a variety of materials and sizes to suite a number of settings.

This table breaks the rule of the tripod series in that its top is rectangular instead of round. It also uses two tripod bases to support this top instead of one. Another interesting fact about this piece is that the acrylic top was part of a larger found object that we have had at the studio since 2005! It took a long time to decide where to use it, but we think #0048 was just the right place.

Each table is numbered & labeled in series.

care: acrylic top should not require any maintaining. paste wax can be applied lightly to the tripod bases and buffed off with a clean cloth (about every 2 years).